October 22nd, 2010

Mexican Ornaments

Mexican Ornaments

European Christmas ornaments are a marvel. But every now and again it’s nice to receive a Mexican Ornament from our neighbors to the south.

For those special moments when you want to give a unique gift, try a handcrafted punched tin Mexican Ornament in bright pink, blue and green.

Just look for the stunning Mexican seashell glass ornament or the hand-made Mexican red armadillo. The tin ornaments are from Oaxaca, Mexico and support the local economy.

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October 20th, 2010

Bird Ornaments

Bird Ornaments

Glass bird ornaments are very popular with collectors. These make a wonderful personalized gifts for any bird lover. These aren’t just for the Christmas tree, but can be used for many different decorative needs.

Bird are always part of the winter season; so of course, there are all kinds of glass bird Christmas ornaments. Everyone always thinks of the Partridge, but you can find all different varieties of holiday birds such as the Cardinal, Dove and Owl.

The best part of glass Christmas ornaments with birds is that they truly belong in the Christmas tree. You can bring your tree to life by adding a bird. What could be more homely and fun than a spruce tree in your living room with an Orange Tanager, a Sparrow, a Robin, or whatever your favorite bird may be sitting in it?

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